W2P - Revit Project Building Types

The scope of our project-based consulting includes most of the types of Use, Form and Construction of Buildings.

Private Works


New and Tennent Improvement




Office Spaces and Multi-Use Building

Warehouse Facilities

Manufacturing Plants

Public Works

Educational – Muti-Building Campus

Religious – New, Addition and Tennent Improvement

Healthcare - Hospitals and Medical Offices

Infrastructure – City Parks and Parking Structures

Profession in the Process

We have been engaged at every level of the AEC Industry, teaching professionals how to properly use Revit.

Understanding how Revit is used throughout the Design, Documentation, and Ownership process provides us with the knowledge the specific tools, tips and tricks when teaching you how to learn revit.

We know what you need to understand to efficiently use revit for your part of the design process.

Architectural Project Management

Engineering the Revit Model

Construction Process in Revit

Owner or Operator Value of Living Revit Models

City and Government Plan Check with Revit