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A 8 Session Class on Revit MEP Tools.

This is a Lecture Only Class!

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Revit MEP Tutorial

Is this You?

Another Revit Architectural Model sits before you, the clock ticks as you search desperately for the right sheets to use.  Which views will you export.  What is the base location of the file set?  Can you just get the Grids, their Dimesons and Walls without all the extemporaneous stuff on the sheets?  “Will this project be another headache?” you ask youself.  Not if you get the right Revit MEP Training.

Purpose / Promise

Over the 8 session class you will learn the tools and best practices used for the MEP design process in the Revit product solutions.  Each session addresses key topics first conceptually, then in the product, followed by open discussion.  Each Sessions Major and Minor topics additional Class Resources are provided for some sessions.

MEP Training Tutorial Content

Each Class has a single location to access all resources needed for the series.  Once you are Logged into Will2Play, you can Registered for our classes and gain access to that Classes Content.

Content Resources

Will2Play members have access to the class resources listed below.

  • Series Powerpoint
  • Series Manual PDF
  • Series Revit File Set
  • Series  OneNote File

Session List

Each session also contains Session Specific copies of the Class Content for ease of Access. 

Session Number and Title