Design Development and Construction Documentation in Revit.  2020

How to convert a DD model to CD in Revit.

This is the set of steps without any specific instruction on what tools to use.  This assumes that you understand Revit and only need to read the concepts involved

Steps to convert the Model using the Revit Phase Tools

  • Take the entire model as is and move it to the Existing Phase in Revit.
    • In a way we are assuming “Existing” refers to the DD model as it has been created.
  • Use views set to New Construction with an appropriate Phase Filter to Generate a cleaner Model for the start of CD.
    • Use the Phase Demolished to Keep or remove and rebuild.
  • Decide what is good to keep and rebuild what is necessary one Category at a time.

As a tip when using Phases in Revit for (TI) Tenant Improvement Projects

  1. Pull All Levels, Grids, and other Major, none building specific, content to the new phase.
    • As you go, things you want to keep are merely moved from Existing to New Construction and nothing else needs to be done for these parts of the model
  2. Start with Exterior and Core Walls.
    • Iso in a view and see if they need to be fixed or rebuilt.
    • Good walls only need to have their Phase set to New Construction
  3. Then Floors, then Interior Walls, then Roof