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I’m not so sure when you are actually going to need to Open a door in Revit. I know that when I create a walkthrough, I think about how having open doors would make the presentation better.

Revit Symbol Family Controls Create 45 Swing Door Opening Video


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Revit 2019 Family Tutorial Learning Objective

Learn how to control Rotation with parametric formulas.

Revit 2019 Family Tutorial Topic


Trouble Shooting

Breaking and Fixing


Advanced Geometries

Strong vs.

Instance Parameters


Reference lines Use

Trouble Shooting

Extrusion Form

Breaking / Exploding Families

Test Project and Family Walls


Host based

Use of Voids

Void Sketches

Advanced Geometries

Sweep Form

Controlling the Sketch Lines

Strong vs. Week Reference

Reference IS

Live Dimensions


Instance Parameters

With Ref Planes

Without Ref Planes

With Ref Lines

Plan / Elevation Views

View Specific

Downfall of dimensions

Use of 3D

Reference lines Use

Are Drawn on a Ref Plane

Start and end point

Live in the Project

Family - Swinging doors
Family - Panel sliding doors
Q and A what did we learn

Family Use Concepts

New Family Editor Tools

Families in Action
Revit Family Creation Tutorial 10 Swinging Door
Thank You and Final Thought