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8 hours. 8 hours is how long it takes to build a quality Title Block for a company. Yes, even when you have your CAD title block. Although the process is simple, there are a number of questions that need to be addressed for each size and type of title block your company uses.

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An Example Of Our Families Class: Beginner Course - This A Part Of Our Complete Beginner’S Guide To Revit Family Creation.

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Beginner Course - This A Part Of Our Complete Beginner’S Guide To Revit Family Creation .

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Revit 2019 Family Tutorial Learning Objective

Title blocks are so simple: Text, Labels, Parameters, and some Linework. If only that was complete truth. Creating the right type of Linework for each part of your title block takes a little time. Creating the right Text and Label types also takes some time. What really complicates things are Shared Parameters, both during creation of the Title Block and its everyday use.

Revit 2019 Family Tutorial Topic


Title Blocks – 3D Vs 2D Families

Categories / Sub categories

Text Type / Label Types

Visibility Parameters

Toggling text with types and visibility parameters




File naming / Type Naming

Title Blocks – 3D Vs 2D Families

Template File verses File New Title block

Sized to print

Use of Line Types

Categories / Sub categories

Settings Object Styles

Categories = Title Block

Subcategory = Linetypes

Text Type / Label Types

Text Type

Label Types

Types = Font style / Text Size exc.

Core concepts

New Family Editor Tools

Visibility Parameters

Controlling what text needs to be seen

Creating PD / DD / CD sets of text

Toggling text with types and visibility parameters

Family Types = Parameters = ON/OFF for text

Grid lines

Logos / Seals


New Annotation Family

Insert Image / logo / seal

Save and Load into Title Block Family

Core Concept\


Grouping Text w/ Linework

Allows parameters to control location


PD Type

CD Type

Gridlines = Type or Instance?

File naming / Type Naming

Text Type Names = 1/8 Arial v.

Broken apart Title Blocks?

Project Phases / Sheet Sizes / Sheet Types

Combining Into Master Title Blocks

Core Concept


We went over, concepts, tools and process

There wasn’t really anything truly new in this family hour; however, we are starting to expand past the basic family creation tools and rules. When building title blocks in Revit, most companies import and explode their AutoCAD title bock. This is ok, so long as you follow this process: Import CAD file, build Title Block Linework and Text, Copy and Past the Linework and Text into a new Title Block Family. When you explode a CAD file, you insert, Text / Linetypes / Hatch Patterns / Materials. By Copying and Pasting only want you need into an title block family you lose all that extemporaneous data.

Q and A what did we learn

Family Use Concepts

New Family Editor Tools

Families in Action
Revit Family Creation Tutorial 05 Title block
Thank You and Final Thought