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My client wanted change the door swing from 90 to 45. Simple you think, nope. Well, first that actually is not the door panel you see in plan, second, there is no parameters applied to the symbolic lines. Image when I told them it would take me a half hour to make it work. What? Opening doors in Revit is a little harder than you would think.

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Complete Beginners Guide

More about the power of Families and how do we leverage them to decrease our workload

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An Example of our Families Class: The Families Class teaches both the conceptual and practical process of Revit Family Content creation.

Complete Beginners Guide

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An Example of our Revit Management Class - A Complete Guide for the BIM Manager


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Revit 2019 Family TutorialLearning Objective

More about the power of Families and how do we leverage them to decrease our workload

Revit 2019 Family TutorialTopic



Types – Doors.

Work Flow – what Families can do and should do.

KISS – growing families.

Material Parameters – another look parameters.

Openings – the host v.

Labels Text – how doors get their numbers.

Instance v. Type


Types – Doors

Types are just Containers

Parameters are King

Control visibility

Work Flow – what Families can do and should do

Place Holders at SD/PD

Transition During DD

Select all instances

Flipping Families

KISS – growing families

The process of Place Holders

Starting with default, adding

Family isn’t finished till 80%CD

Parameters – width and height

Parameters controlling parameters

Visibility Parameters

Visibility… Settings

Core concepts