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The journey begins. Learning Revit families is a marathon. Ahead of you, 16 hours of training; and many more hours of diligent practice no one but you will see. You are learning a necessary skill that all Revit users should learn. A skill very few people have; complete this course and you will be an asset to any firm using Revit. Are you ready to elevate your game?

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Beginner Course - This a part of our Complete Beginner’s Guide to Revit Family Creation .

An Example of our Families Class: The Families Class teaches both the conceptual and practical process of Revit Family Content creation.

Revit Management course

An Example of our Families Class: Beginner Course - This a part of our Complete Beginner’s Guide to Revit Family Creation.

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Revit 2019 Family TutorialLearning Objective

Families are the nuts and bolts of what makes Revit such a powerful design and CD creation product. through building a basic table you’ll explore and begin to understand the Family Creator and Family creation process.

Revit 2019 Family TutorialTopic


Applying Parameters – what connects it all 13

The Cha-Cha-Cha – the basic step for all things family.

Flexing – testing that the Parameters work.

Material Parameters – another look parameters

Family Defaults

Applied to each Mass

Controlled by Category, Type or instance

Openings – the host v. hosted families – reference planes

Another kind of Form Void

Cuts into the Host

A look at Joined Walls

Core concepts