Course Objectives:

In these Sessions you will learn Tips and Tricks for Revit and other industry relevant software.  Using the Revit Tool set, difficulties related to the design and building process are address.  These Sessions include a vast range of conceptual and practical process necessary to use Revit effectually. Each session addresses key topics first conceptually, then in the product, followed by open discussion. Each Sessions Major and Minor topics additional Class Resources are provided for some sessions.

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Key Software: Autodesk® Revit®

Although there are many versions of this product, most changes are not so drastic as to make it matter the version or release year you use for this Training Class.

Required Materials:

Web Access

Audio Device with Mute Control

Autodesk Revit Product (Current)

Presentation Archive:

Should you miss a Session you will have access to that Session until the end of the Series. You are responsible for scheduling time to view the Archive, review and understand the material. Questions specific to the Session should be emailed to the instructor in a timely manner.

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The course syllabus, important course announcements, Presentation Outlines, Briefing Notes, Instruction Manuals, or Additional Session Resources, will be made available via GreenBoard. Please contact the Instructor as soon as possible if you cannot access the website or if you have any technical difficulties.