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Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Learning Objective

Learn how to Print in Revit.

Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Topic

  • the project browser - sheets
  • the print dialog box
  • managing it all
  • #RevitTopic

    13.1 The Project Browser – Sheets

    13.1.1 Using Sheets
    • Drag and Drop Views
    • View/Sheet/Project – Information
    13.1.2 Sorting sheets
    • Default Parameters
    • Custom Parameters
    • Folder v. Filter

    13.2 The Print Dialog Box

    • Printers = Windows System Printers
    • Settings (Printing Defaults)
    • Save /Saves!
    13.2.1 Print Range (Print Sets)
    • Views / Sheets
    • Save /Save As!
    • Naming Convention

    13.3 Managing It All

    13.3.1 Outside the Project
    • Revit StandardsPrint Defaults.rvt
    • File Transfer Project Standards
    • Revit StandardsDefault Sheets
    • File Insert from File Views Archiving:
    • Project50%CD
    • Purge/Accept Primary
    • Export to DWG (Same Print Range)
    13.3.2 Inside the Project
    • Blank Sheets for Consultants (parameters)
    • View New Drawing List

    13.4 Other Cool tools

    • Batch Printing
    • Default Windows printer
    • All Caps
    • Font or …