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Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Learning Objective

You will learn about Revit System Family Standards for Company Projects and Templates.

Revit 2019 Manager Tutorial Topic

  • Loaded Revit Family Files are loaded into a project
  • System Family Types are created in a project
  • System Family are part of Template Files
  • Edit/New – Duplicate
  • Loaded Family Files are different than System Family Content
  • File location / Content / Reason
  • Using Standard Family Tricks for the Audit Process


6.1 Yes they are different than “Standard Family”

6.1.1 Differences
  • Standard Family = loaded into a project
  • System Family = created in a project
  • System Family = part of “Template Files”
  • Edit/New – Duplicate

6.2 File location / Content / reason

6.2.1 File location
  • \ServerBIM StandardsRevit TemplatesSystem Family
  • Protected?
  • Update process?
6.2.2 Possible Project Names
  • Wall Standards - W2P.rvt
  • Object Styles Standards - W2P.rvt
  • Roofs + Floors Standards.rvt
  • View Templates Standards.rvt
  • Annotation Standards.rvt
  • What about materials?
6.2.3 Reason behind it all
  • Separation for easy management
  • Audit process
  • Material Types

6.3 Using Standard Family & the “Audit Process”

6.3.1 Tools
  • Transfer Project Standards
  • Copy and Past
  • Setting Loc Lines and using Create Similar
6.3.2 Audit Process
  • Walls
  • Layer function
  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Identity Data

6.4 Upgrading to 10

  • All projects should be copied to a 09 folder
  • Why
  • What about Central Files
  • Open the original in 10
  • Save to 10 folder structure
  • Double check the function
  • Time, Time. Time!
  • Standard Family
  • If you created them, update them, with the same process
  • If default 09 content, leave alone
  • If default 10 content, use in 10 projects
  • Note : Autodesk’s Web Library